Diet to Fight Acne

Diet to Fight Acne - Fighting acne is a constant struggle for teens and adults. But there are many small steps you can take to help keep your skin clean and looking beautifully great, including making smart decisions what foods and beverages you put in your body.

Diet to Fight Acne #1: Fish

Zinc is an essential mineral found in fish that helps control the release of hormones and helps your body absorbs healthy skin-encouraging Vitamin A. Fish also contains fatty acids that helps skin retains water so it glows and soothe stressed-out skin.

Diet to Fight Acne #2: Replace Milk and Cheese

Anabolic hormones and insulin stimulation from dairy products have some researchers saying you should stay away from milk and cheese if you are fighting acne. Try almond or rice milk instead.

Diet to Fight Acne #3: Selenium

While it’s not the most well-known anti-oxidant, selenium can be found in wheat germ, garlic, eggs, brown rice, tuna and salmon, and when paired with vitamin E, can improve your skin’s acne-fighting abilities.

Diet to Fight Acne #4: All About Aqua

There are many health-improving aspects of getting enough water, and keeping your skin hydrated is only one of them. With plenty of water, your skin can regenerate faster and can flush problem causing toxins from your body.

Diet to Fight Acne #5: Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is another healthy skin promoter that can be found in many orange and yellow fruits and vegetable. You can add watermelon, orange and carrot on your diet.

Diet to Fight Acne #6: Add Vitamin B6

Unbalanced hormones can lead to acne. Foods with Vitamin B6 such as cauliflower, avocado, walnuts and sunflower seeds can help hormone levels in balance.

Diet to Fight Acne #7: Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine you found in coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks might be worsening your acne. It essentially doubles your body’s hormonal stress response which makes your skin produce excess oil/ sebum that triggers acne.

Diet to Fight Acne #8: Cut Down Sugar

Sweet foods are pampering. But research shows that sugar promotes inflammations, damaging skin cells, and causing acne. Instead of eating candy or desserts, switch to fruits.

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