9 Home Beauty Tips

9 Home Beauty Tips
9 Home Beauty Tips - Here are some beauty tips that will minimize your cosmetic bill and at the same time will produce incredible results for skin beauty.

1. To cool down your eyes after having a hectic day, soak 2 small cotton pads, the same size as your eye, in cold milk and place them on closed eyes. Relax for a couple of minutes. These cotton pads also can be replaced by slices of cucumber.

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2. To Get Rid Of Puffiness From Eyelids, simply take few drops of fresh castor oil and massage it all over eyelids.

3. To Refresh Your Eyes, before sleeping, put drops of rose water each in your eyes.

4. Chapped Lips can be treated by using hot water fermentation on lips. Make a mixture of honey and Vaseline and apply it thrice a week. Also another home remedy for chapped lips is to use a ground mixture of milk butter and rose petals on lips.

5. Applying raw lemon all over HANDS delay age spots appearing on hands. Leave the lemon juice to get dry over your hands and wash after a while.

6. In case you are running out of time and cannot afford to WASH YOUR HAIR, brush your hair through 1 teaspoon of corn flour with the help of a comb. Be safe by trying this remedy once when you are free and have time so that you get an ample idea as to how this remedy works.

7. 7. To Give An Extra Shine To Your Hair, after shampooing, rinse it finally with 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar and get you hair dry with towel.

8. For Dry Skin On Hands And Feet, mix olive oil, baby oil and Vaseline and apply it over hands and feet before sleeping.

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9. One of the most marvelous home remedies for DRY FACE SKIN is to apply almond oil not only before sleeping as a night moisturizer, but also it can be used as a primer before applying foundation since it absorbs very quickly. Dry face skin can also be treated by using a mask of mashed bananas and leaving it on face for about 20 minutes.