Natural Beauty Recipes to Stay Young and Fresh

Talking about tips for natural beauty is like talking about the entire Earth, because all we need to beautify our self is always coming back to what comes from Earth. There is no doubt that natural ingredients are always best choices. Natural beauty recipes have always been safe for us to try, because it does not contain chemical substances that will harm our self, skin, face, and all. Out there, there are so many medicines, compact or talc powder, or creams that you can use to treat your face. The purposes are probably vary. We might want to look fresh or stay young. But what if the products contain toxic that will harm and danger yourself? Nope. Natural beauty is the answer.

Natural Beauty Recipes to Stay Young and Fresh

Natural beauty recipes win, no matter what. But today, there are so many cosmetic sellers who are not responsible. They only want to take advantages by selling dangerous products. They falsify the products. They sometimes sell it with a lower price and voila, the products are not original. We are talking about our skin that needs a good treatment, well at least not to be harmed by the chemical substances; but natural beauty is not on their list. That is why, as consumers, we need to be more careful in choosing the products for us. However, natural beauty from natural ingredients are always the best.. Here are some easy and useful tips to help us to look fresh and stay young.

Face Wash

For the truly natural beauty, water is one of a kind. Face contains lots of oil and is very east to get dirt and dull. To solve the problem, it is highly recommended that we need to wash our face every time we feel it get dirty. For example, we can do this tips in the morning when we wake up, on day, or night, or from other times that require you to have a bunch of hectic activities. We do not always have to use facial foam or so on, simply to wash the face using clean water then after we finish, and pat the face dry using soft towel or our palms.

Prevent Acne

It is better to prevent than to cure. Yes, that is exactly the way we want our face to react. We don’t even want to deal with acne. To prevent the acne in your face to come and say hi, you can do the first way above, face wash. Then, try some natural beauty recipes like applying blended avocado and honey, consuming lime with warm water and honey, eating lots of food that contain omega 3 like salmon, soy, or tofu, eating lots of fruits with high antioxidant like tomato, watermelon, and orange, banana, apple, or pear.

Natural beauty recipes can be as simple as that. If we are a vegie lover, then we can try consuming some vegetables with high fiber like broccoli, cabbage, or carrots. The last thing to be remembered is always to keep ourselves happy. Being angry all the time will not do well to ourselves, especially our face skin. When anger strikes us and we follow the emotion, the face skin will get wrinkle and it will cause your face to look older. So, stay happy with natural beauty!