Skin Treatment : Dos and Don’ts Winter Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment : Dos and Don’ts Winter Skin Treatment
Dos and Don’ts Winter Skin Treatment - Looking after your skin all year round is important, but paying particular attention to it over winter is paramount. Keep your skin from developing winter wrinkles and winter skin damage by following these simple steps.

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1. Keep a chapstick with you to avoid licking your lips as they dry out and protect your lips against dry air. Licking lips that are already chapped will only cause your lips to chap even more.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate regularly to remove dry dead skin cells. You can create your own body scrub with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Apply it on your body and rub gently to get rid of built-up dry skin. Do it at least twice a week.

3. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water.

4. Sun damage can occur in the winter or summer, so always use sunscreen every time you are doing outdoor activity.

5. Moisturize your skin more! Night cream can make a huge difference to winter dry skin. Night creams are oil-based and create a layer on the skin that retains moisture. Some may even be suitable for day time use for extra protection.

6. Stay hydrated by drinking more water. The cold weather may make you feel less thirsty, but your skin needs hydration just as much as in the summer.

7. Cover up! Wear outfits that keep you warm like jacket, gloves and wool socks. It is an easy way to keep your skin safe from the dry, cold air and to protect your skin from cracking.

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1. Have fewer clay-based face masks as they tend to draw moisture out of the face.

2. Applying alcohol-based toners and astringents. If you have dry skin, alcohol based toners and astringents can strip vital oils from your skin.

3. Superhot showers and baths. The intense heat of hot shower or bath actually breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.

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