Common Skin Care Mistakes

Common Skin Care Mistakes
Common Skin Care Mistakes - Small skin care mistakes can add up to breakout and even premature aging. Avoid common beauty habits that seem could enhance your skin beauty but end up sabotage your skin instead.


If your skin has been overly dry, or it feels filmy like there is a built up layer of dead skin, you may be washing too much and drying your skin out. Washing too much causes your skin to get too dried out. That causes your sebaceous glands to jump into overdrive and you will end up with skin that is insufficiently hydrated but oily. Over-washing is like a recipe for breakouts.

Using Maximum-Strength Cleansers

Stronger doesn’t always equal better, especially when you’re talking about the delicate skin on your face. Low-strength benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work any better than any maximum strength formula for most people. However, the stronger formula is much more likely to cause dryness and skin irritation.

Changing Your Skin Care Products Too Often

It is human nature to always be on the lookout for something different and better, but skin care is like walking a tight rope of pH and hydration. You may be eager to try the newest serum from your favorite line of skin care products, but it could throw your skin off balance. Don’t switch too many things at the same time; try new products one at a time so if there is a problem you will know what causes it.

Using Allergenic Shampoo or Conditioner

Most people wouldn’t think of blaming their hair care products for their sudden breakout of blemishes, but they could be behind the problem. Allergies or sensitivity to your shampoo or conditioner often show up on your face, your shoulders and your back (any part of the body that gets exposed to them).

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Not Using Sunscreen

Sun damage is not just unattractive; it is a dangerous and possibly even deadly. Use a moisturizer and a foundation with sunscreen to provide the maximum protection for your delicate skin. Whether it’s winter or summer, every time you go outside, apply sunscreen.

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